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The “Capital of the South Western Langhe”

The village of Dogliani is located in the center of the south-western Langhe, located in a natural basin surrounded by hills, between the Monregalese and the Albese, in a land that has always maintained strong ties with the landscape, still retains the characteristic urban physiognomy that history and the hand of man have drawn from its origins.

The pre-Roman origin village, is divided into two urban agglomerations: the Borgo, on the valley bathed by the Rea river, a right tributary of the Tanaro, and the Castle. The town therefore presents itself with two well-preserved historic centers: the lively and commercial village and the castle, on the hill above, which retains almost intact its structure of a medieval fortified village: narrow streets, winding alleys, the ancient walls … In addition to the two oldest villages within the walls, the town today also consists of the peripheral villages Airali, San Quirico and San Rocco, which flourished after the war.

Piedmontese gastronomy

Piedmontese cuisine has its roots in peasant habits and, at the same time, unquestionably reveals its royal and Savoyard origins. From the union of these very different worlds complex preparations are born, even very elaborate ones, but all succulent and substantial. Synthesize Piedmontese cuisine in a well-defined number of recipes? A very difficult undertaking, but not impossible. Let’s see together what are the typical dishes that represent it outside its regional borders.